Spatial is a venture capital firm investing in visionary founders.



"Spatial is more than an investor; they are a pivotal ally in our journey. Their strategic advice, backed by industry-wide respect, add substantial weight to our endeavors. We’re lucky to have this world-class team behind us."

Marguerite deCourcelle - CEO Blockade Labs

"Doug, Steve, and Michel are great. They know everyone in the industry and are always connecting the dots to introduce the perfect people at the perfect time."

Gary Palmer - CEO Electric Sheep

"With Spatial Capital, we found more than an investor - we found a partner deeply versed in the intricacies of our industry. Their contribution extends far beyond funding, it's about real domain expertise."

Tino Millar - CEO MoveAI

"We deeply appreciate Spatial's extensive connections within the creative industry. Their ability to open doors to top experts and thought leaders has been invaluable.”

Damian Kaczmarek - CEO Magma

Commitment to Innovation

Our focus is on early-stage startups with a strong IP and the potential to introduce groundbreaking technologies.

Supporting Expert Founders

We value experienced founders with visionary ideas and a deep domain understanding.

Expertise-Driven Approach

Our choices are informed by deep industry expertise, leveraging our 25+ year average domain experience.

Value-Add Mentorship

We extend beyond capital. Our support with founders is collaborative, fostering success and opening up our network.

Ethical and Impactful

We prioritize startups that promise both financial success and a positive impact.