Doug Griffin

Managing Partner


As a grad student of biomechanics during the advent of 3D games and animated films, Doug was captivated by the potential of novel sensing and graphic technologies in visualizing human movement. This fascination laid the groundwork for his pioneering work in digital character animation and visual effects in some of the most significant projects in the industry.

Doug directed digital performances in Star Wars, innovated avatar technology at EA games, and played a pivotal role in building an animated film company with Bob Zemeckis. Alongside these creative accomplishments, he developed business acumen, leading Product and M&A at a public company building computer-vision products.

As an entrepreneur, Doug led four startups leveraging technologies such as computer vision, AI, 3D computer graphics, and VR. These ventures achieved notable success, culminating in exits to Apple and Roblox.

Doug now actively mentors startups, helping them navigate their paths of growth and innovation as the General Partner of Spatial Capital.