Doug Griffin

Managing Partner


As a grad student of biomechanics when the first 3D games and animated films launched, I was fascinated with how novel sensing and graphic technologies could be used to visualize human movement. I set forth making this undeveloped space a reality.

Along this journey, I had an opportunity to bring to life digital characters in the largest visual effects and gaming projects of all time. I Directed the digital performances of Star Wars, brought new technologies to EA games, and helped Bob Zemeckis build an animated film company. I earned my business chops along the way, leading Product and M&A as an executive at a public company. And before you know it, I caught the startup bug.

I led 4x startups to explore this technology space, leveraging computer vision, AI, computer graphics, and VR to open up new possibilities. This resulted in exits to Disney, Apple, and Roblox.

Having learned a few lessons along the way, I now enjoy helping startups navigate their own journey of growth and discovery.