Technology, Storytelling and Transformation

Spatial Capital’s Founding Partner, Doug Griffin, sits down with Peter Bell of the Purpose Made Podcast, to discuss his journey and the impact of technology on societal change.

In the podcast, Doug discusses his fascination with innovation and its cultural impact. In particular, the conversation covers:

  • Upbringing & Influence: His grandfathers' roles in science, physics, and labor organization, shaped his interest in technology and impact.
  • Education: from aspiring architect to studying graphics and biomechanics, and finally crafting three 15-year road maps of future technology and careers.
  • Professional Journey: Doug’s involvement in visual effects, perceptual computing, VR, and AI, including his work on Star Wars and Harry Potter.
  • Impact of AI: The impact of AI and technology disruption, including the potential benefits, risks, and the need for regulation.

Paul Griffin, Oak Ridge National Labs Physicist, developed early laser technologies.