Meta and Move AI Showcase Novel AI-Based Avatar Technology


Mark Zuckerberg recently showcased “codec avatars,” Meta’s photoreal 3D VR avatars. We’ve seen teasers of this research tech for a couple of years, but this one just blew us away. The most awe-inspiring part is that it works with a VR headset covering most of the face!

YouTube video by Lex Fridman
Mark Zuckerberg: First Interview in the Metaverse | Lex Fridman Podcast #398

✋🏼 MOVE AI LAUNCHES MOBILE APP + HAND TRACKING, the British start-up democratizing the motion-tracking field with AI-based motion tracking from video, recently launched its Move One app. Not only does this launch enable single-camera support via an iPhone-based app, but it also includes hand tracking!

MoveAI’s finger-tracking capability, by Brian Westfall


Jim Morris' incredible career has spanned both practical and digital visual effects as well as animated film. This unique experience provides him perspective on the use of AI in media and entertainment content development.

YouTube video by 3DVF
Pixar President Jim Morris on AI, stylized animation, diversity, success, failure and more!